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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"


I like this game but it happens to me that it was too hard at beginning because the platforms feel so slippery. After a few times dead on second platform, I managed to get a grip of the control and feels the fun of the game.

There seems to be a lot of enemies and platform types, also rocket powerup rocks. Unfortunately somehow I feel that the platforms randomized too random, instead following a difficulty curve, once I met the caveman right in beginning.
Still a nice addicting game though :) .

ots a o.k. game

the graphics and gameplay are pretty good but the controls are a huge pain in the rectum!

he always does this 'NES' infamous 2 more steps before standing still. you sometimes need to be almost at the edge of a platform to be able to reach the other side safe. and if you jump almost too soon you don't have enough "airtime" to be able to continue.

i find this gamebreaking because the lava seems to rise in exponential dimension and at some points you don't have a &(/%& chance to survive due of the surgon precision jumps you have to make just to be able to play.

so please make BOb a bit faster or give him a little bit more airtime for his jumps

Nice game

My only complain is about the inertia. The character takes too long to stop, But overall, a very fun and addictive game.

the usually go up game

nice game, but the twists were not enough for me to keep playing until the end, but still a very good game

Very hard but GOOD

THis is game is so darn hard but i like a challenge