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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

Lots of fun!

This game was great fun to play and not just because I could get a lot of medals easily (although that helped). The music was great and you just had no idea what was going to pop up next. There were so many different things to explore and look at. I love how gracefully Bob just glides across the blocks and sweeps away the enemies. It's even funny just to hear that sound he makes whenever he jumps. It was also nice to not having to die the first time you touched the lava, but gradually.

to easy

i get all badges is to fast for get...


That one is hard - and tha is Really cool.
Thanks. I will spend more time trying to get all medals.
High score from me :)

Great game!

I really like it. It works perfectly, and has enough things in it to keep me entertained. I also like the rampage mode.The medals are original too. If you want to know the secret medal, PM me. I also made a medal/game guide for it:

You have 7 HP. All normal attacks do 1 damage, but if you get hit by the rising lava it will cost you 3 HP.

These are all the items you can collect:

-Pickaxe. This one allows you to swing your axe. You can do this unlimited times, but you can only defeat 5 enemies/turrets with it.
-Hourglass. This one stops the time for about 7 seconds. During this time nothing moves, the lava stops rising and you can't get hit except for the lava. But you can stand on lava stones (the glowing rocks) without getting hit.
-Rocket. This makes you invulnearable and you will be able to break through rocks. It works like a jetpack. If you only press up, you will rise about 100 meters, so it's useful for getting as high as possible (AHAP) too. This isn't a very common item. There are only about 3 of them within the first 1000 metres.
-Heart. This will restore 1 HP of your health bar.

The game itself doesn't change a lot, so if you do it about 10 times, you will know how to complete certain parts.
I will go through all the medals here:

- 50M, 500M and 1000M. 5, 5 and 25 points. You will probably get 50 and 500 metres without even trying, but the 1000 metres is a bit harder. Don't take any risks, don't try to defeat most enemies and keep pressing up with the rockets. If you do that, it isn't that hard.
-It's hurt. 10 points. You will need to get hit 10 times by arrows for this medal. You have 7 HP, and the arrows take off 1 HP each. So get hit 4 times by an arrow, get 3 or 4 hearts, and kill yourself with even more arrows. Not very hard.
-No offence. 10 points. Don't pick up an axe until 114 metres. One of the easiest medals. Just do what it says.
-Sand of time. 10 points. You will get this while going for the 500 and the 1000 metres medals.
-Hot butt. 25 points. This is a lot of points for a medal this easy. Get hit 5 times on the first lava stone. The first one is located at 50 metres, or at 120 metres.
-I hate hedgehog. 25 points. Kill 15 or more hedgehogs. Do this one on rampage mode. You will unlock rampage mode if you collect 8 other medals.
-Lucky Bob. 25 points. Don't get hit until 125 metres. There are only about 3 enemies until 125 metres, so it isn't that hard. Just don't try to hit them, and jump over them.
-Metalhead. 25 points. This requires you to break 15 floors with one rocket. Move upwards the whole time and try to het a lot of rocks with the first rocket you get.
-Silent assassin. 25 points. Kill 5 enemies while the time has stopped. Don't try to do this with the first 3 or 4 hourglasses you can collect. The higher you get, the more enemies there will be. So try to do it with a later hourglass.
-5000PTS. 50 points. Don't try to do this in normal mode, but wait until you get rampage mode. In there, try to defeat 50 enemies. You will unlock rampage mode when you collect 8 medals.
-Caveman killer. 50 points. Do this in rampage mode too. There, it isn't too hard. Just kill 15 cavemen.
-Mass murder. 50 points. Kill 3 enemies in 1 swing. Do this in rampage mode.
-Turret basher / Turret destroyer. Kill 5 standing turrets for turret basher, and 5 turrets that are in a block for turret destroyer. Those are the hardest medals. Just try a lot of times. Don't try to go for every turret, just the ones you can easily destroy.
There is also a secret medal worth 100 points, but i'm not going to tell that one. If you really want to know that one, PM me.

its a fun game and good game for medals/badges ive played it on multiple sites now 5/5