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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

Mad fun!

This game is really addicting and has a good song

Wow this must be good

This must be good because theres a hacked version!

Testing New Firefox Beta :D.

Cool game.

too annoying to really be fun...

great look, fun idea, could be great but controls are awful (why do i slide on brick?) Also, when you rocket upwards you get stuck when you hit the corner of a brick and you get stuck when you break certain bricks so you can't jump higher, maybe you should make like a "U" of bricks instead of a straight line when your fuel runs out to prevent this).
ex: _ _ _ _
[ _ ] [ _] [ _ ] [ _]
_ or _ _ _
[ _] [ _] [ _ ] [ _]

Some situations make no sense and are near impossible, if you are going to have some cramped places you need to give the user the ability to control the height of their jump.
The jump and axe is also very touchy.
You said you updated it, but honestly, I really wanted to enjoy this, but when you have to deal with the glaring problems with every jump, it is just too hard to put up with.
I was going to give 4/5, but I gave 3, and 7 because you said it was updated (it definately could and should be 5 and 10).
I am not criticizing I am critiquing (If that makes sense) I think you have done really well here. Great look, I like that you put in a story, good concept, The medal objectives are nice, music (didn't mute it for a while), I like the pause and mute feature, Rampage mode is a good idea.
Problems with control are too big to overlook.
I was going to give 4/5, but I gave 3, and 7 because you said it was updated (it definitely could and should be 5 and 10).


Every time i play this mah buttons get stuck......wtf?