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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"


i wuv it its so addicting!!!

I love this game

Want to know Y I like it. Because I can keep climbing higher and higher. But I like the music a lot. You wouldn't mind if I record it and use it for my dance party. You can come if you want. Or tell me where you got this awesome song!

fortunacus responds:

see the link on Author & File Information to know the music. I actually want to came to your party, but unfortunately i live in indonesia. far from your place

wicked awesome!!!!!!

this addictive and the difficulty keeps rising the farther you get


very addicting :D

Not Bad

Pretty addictive. What's good about this game is that as you get higher, the difficulty rises also. In some games the difficulty always stays the same even when you're really far in the game. A second thing that is good about this game is that when you touch the lava, it gives you a boost, so sometimes you can look to the lava as a friend more than an enemy. Always saps your health though. One thing that could've been better about this game is that there could've been at least a few more types of monsters. I don't think theres a place where you'll find hedgehogs trying to kill you in an underground place. Would also be good if you added an actual end where Bob wins and isnt killed. All in all, good game. 9/10 4/5.