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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

nice but...

do you need to find the idle moves at one game? pm me who knows

The Secret Medal

For those wanting the secret 100 point medal, you have to find all of the Bob idle poses. To do this, don't move Bob while playing the game and he'll do a funny little pose or action, like reading a newspaper or sleeping. Find them all and you get your medal. Awesome game, by the way! Perfect 10!


Sameness spoiled replayability

good game good

challenging indeed and well its so awesome well i cant go to the toilet while playing this game and the title of this game is hurry up bob right

well while im playing the game i remember ob the builder
lol but its o great game and i vote it 10/10 and 5/5

have fun!
ill tell others to play this game

fortunacus responds:

oh cristian bale on the go
later i will inform you for iphone version

Solid & Addicting

This was a very enjoyable game,the concept of having to keep on jumping from platform to platform in a vertical fashion to avoid the rising lava is a bit redundant but it worked very well in this game with it's solid controls and nice balance of difficulty,the animation looked great and i loved the song during the game which never seemed to get old,overall i had a swell time with this game and think you did a very good job making it,hope to see more soon. :)