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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

Good game, but not perfect.

Like others have said, the controls are rather dodgy. Also, I really think the game could use a bit of proofreading. I don't think English is your first language, which led to confusing grammar errors. All in all, when I got the controls down pat, it was an amusing wall-of-death type game with fun powerups that gave it a bit of diversity. It's a fun time waster if you want to try to get all the medals.


horrible controls makes this game so bad that I'm giving it 1 star.

Catchy song

Easy gameplay, catchy song and frustrating the everliving crap out of me.. Very well done!

Secret Medal...

You just have to find the five idle poses without dying. So basically run ahead of the lava, stand still until you do the idle animation, then repeat until you get the medal.


Good idea and concept.

The game should not be one continuous wave though. It should be seperated into segments, thus making some of the medals easier, and sustaining the appealing nature of the game.