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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

Pretty good time killer

How far down did those miners dig, jesus.

I had the same problem as Sockpuppetz 1commentDOWN

i like it my keys keep becoming sticky, but only with good gamesWTF?

sorry but it needs more

allot more can be added to this game its way to basic


So dont get me wrong i enjoyed the game but for some reason when i play a newground game... randomly 1 directional key will stick which makes it impossible for me to play.... so what i could play was pretty good anyway!

can be great

but you need to make it easier to control, like the attacking, no matter how hard i tried i couldnt hit a single enemy that came near me, ended up jumping over them, and even then you have to be careful because bob keeps walking when you jump and he falls off into the lava. the fact that it is one giant level does not help it either, seperate it into seperate levels to give us a more believable and greater gameplay.

if you can fix those problems then it could be a great game.