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Reviews for "Hurry up bob!!!"

Good game

Possible not the greatest game ever to be put here on newgrounds, but still good enough to be a memorable game. The gameplay is reptive, but since there are medals to this game you are give the opertunity to play diffrent and creativly. Also since there is a secret medal installed, gamers are forced (if they want the medal) to think out side the box. Which I think is a good thing.

secret medal?

i hate secret medals


My only complaint would be the repetitiveness, the addictive edge is good but it could be increased with achievements, the like. Good graphics, the usual 8-bit style.

I think Bob should really talk to his union about unsafe workplace hazards.


i like the game a lot.But it could use some more stuff like power ups that make you invinvible and one that makes you have infinite axe for 10 seconds.Some guns would be nice.

It needs more

needs some extra stuff to make the game less, repetitive, its like the same game every time , ya know, add a ton of power items , and platforms, and maps, levels, Weapons, Perks something to change it up every time, so not every two games is the same thing