Reviews for "R O B O T"

Hehe. Dutch.

I'm also from Dutchland and I kan say the audio commentary really fits. Dutch humor is so full of swearings,that is'nt funny anymore. That's why funny Dutchmans are rare.

But anyways good flash.


Lets assume the dutch dont have computers

you moron

'This submission is appropriate for all audiences' doesn't apply if you know what the people in the song are saying......cant really say its for all audiences perhaps for everybody who do not know how to talk dutch...(has really nothing to do with a robot)

Very funnt in a truish way.

Nice work! This was an awesome movie, that is a great spoof of the commercial society we live in.
The only thing I can recommend is slowing down the text a little.
I know you were probably doing it for effect, but in some cases i couldn't even read a full sentence.
Great job!


Very good!