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Reviews for "Glory hole hentai RPG"

great game

Maybe for the next one just be an all out slut instead of glory hole. with a bunch of positions and stuff. anyway great game.

Kajio responds:

Haha well more positions is a lot of work, so I'm not sure. I'm glad you liked it though!


the graphics are horrible but the game is very cool

Kajio responds:

Uh, thanks?


make sure to save up for vanity 3 i musta jacked off to it 30 times

Kajio responds:

Haha, wow. I'm glad you liked it then :P

hell yes!

i fucking love this game (no pun intended)! if you're actually wanting to beat the game get the reputation first, if not and you're just masturbating like katana 53, get the skills and vanity first (especially vanity 3). xD. killingspeerx has a GREAT point. definitely looking forward to more stuff from you like this. if you can at least hit the bar you've set here in the next one, i think you could get game of the week again for SURE. ;D kinda makes me wonder how many kid's moms have flipped shit about them stumbling upon your epic hentai game and going "mommy what's this? mommy what's that?" since it's on the weekly top 5, tho. lmfaoo

Kajio responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it :P The most efficient pattern for beating the game is buying skill, then speed, then rep, since rep is more expensive and it'll give you more bang for your buck after having the other two.

At least that's the pattern I used to beat it on day 12 :P

i wish i had a hot girl suckin my dick :(

Kajio responds:

Follow your heart!