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Reviews for "Glory hole hentai RPG"

While I was playing I realized.

1. thats only one semester, shes gonna need more money than that.
2. If shes making that money doing blow jobs does she really need to go to university?
3. this reminds me of a plunger.
So after I made enough to pay for tuition 5 fold I clicked to continue, I then saw the DTU thing and was like "Maybe its a two year college... well some more money in the pocket."
Funny game.

Kajio responds:

I'm sure she'll get into a co-op program and be able to earn the rest of the money she needs :P

Love it.

I love the game, especialy how the controls are one handed >.>. I've beaten it several times with my friends, we've even set achievments for each other, made the game alot more fun too! Coud you possibly give an estimate for how long till the next sequal? Cus me and my friends cant wait.

Kajio responds:

Well it's hard to say. There's a ton of work that needs to be done for me to be satisfied with it, and I hate stagnating on one project. I've been working on other projects (and some commissions, which are helping pay for college).

I really want to get it done this summer though.


Kajio this game is just awesome, its has much potencial, will you keep upgrading? If you do please add much more cum and bigger boobs ! :D

Kajio responds:

Well. I am still making more hentai. As for when it will be released... that's a whole different story, haha.


Really enjoyed this game, hope you make more :)

Kajio responds:

Oh I will :P

that was so awesome now i waant to suck a boner

Kajio responds:

Well I'm pretty sure there would be few to turn down the offer