Reviews for "Ryu: Then and Now"

I thought the secret was if you hold the 2 button

Nah I'm just kidding!

I did get a good laugh out of this. Dunno why it was rejected from the Collab. It was well animated and sported game humor.

I love the little blurb about Tatsunoko and his apathetic response to it. Obviously no one really cares about that came in comparison to Marvel vs Capcom.

Boo-hoo.....says Re-yu


Unfortunately most of us sell out eventually

'Tis life, pain and strife...

For the kids who don't get it....you will soon enough.

When your young it's all dreams, cotton candy and p3nis horned unicorns...but at the end of the day all that is just what they are...dreams. 90% of em don't come true and you WILL more then likely end up regretting your life and wondering what when wrong or where the time flew...

And if you didn't understand that from watching the video...your going to be one of those people who kick the chair and swing for your fams to find you and cry about...*HINT HINT*

Anyway (before this review gets deleted or something...*rolls eyes*), big ups to ego for constantly coming up with funny shizzy for us and youtube to watch all the time...I hope it doesn't fail you in time...

This isn't your best....

BUT IT IS SO TRUE TO LIFE! Great job Egoraptor!

Short toon, big laughs.

I loved how this flash had a simple joke and delivered on it with expert timing. The classic Egoraptor look was present here and the audio was perfect. I also loved how you utilized Stamper for one dumb line that wasn't even that funny. Good shit.

My only complaint is that it was a little too short, but maybe that's how it was supposed to be if it was made for the collab.

Good job man!