Reviews for "Ryu: Then and Now"

Loved it!

I am a serious hater of people who use Ryu OVER AND OVER, its just Shoryuken and Hadoken spammage over and over!

So this made me laugh my ass off!
Big Street Fighter fan, but I prefer Tekken, or DoA!

great short

i hope street fighter doesn't turn into that. i love street fighter.


my student has grown in 2 b a buisnes man! i did not train u 4 ths

sr but

this is the oly egoraptor that i dont like too short too stupid


he made somthing not just because it was funny c ause it wasnt that funny but it was true that happens to every one once in there life were they wish they was young again it was a sad truth. not every thing can be funny or it wouldnt be realistic to life.