Reviews for "Ryu: Then and Now"


I cracked at the last part!

Wait for it...

Hahaha! Nice drawings as always.

Short toon, big laughs.

I loved how this flash had a simple joke and delivered on it with expert timing. The classic Egoraptor look was present here and the audio was perfect. I also loved how you utilized Stamper for one dumb line that wasn't even that funny. Good shit.

My only complaint is that it was a little too short, but maybe that's how it was supposed to be if it was made for the collab.

Good job man!


the ending was priceless!!

Short and sweet.

I give this crap ten star's, if you can't see. or hear but hearing doesn't have anything to do with reading? doe's it? hmm. well good ViDeO... okay BIAAA