Reviews for "Ryu: Then and Now"

It's funny.

It's not harsh that it got rejected from the collab tough. What did you expect? It doesn't include any boob, dick ,sex or gay jokes.

tht was awsome

tht was best video ive ever seen on newgrounds make more vids man

Poor Ryu.

Poor poor Ryu, his dreams have been crushed and his stuck on a dead end job.

Good flash. Not you best work but still really funny. Looking forward for your next flash.

incredibly heartfelt

thats was awsome. i know he aint want anybody to see him cry like that. he gone cry in the car. LOLZ. GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!

very well done

I always loved your work egoraptor.
but I cant get this idea out of my head, how about a "NG Street Fighter collab 2!"