Reviews for "Ryu: Then and Now"

Ow I just ate a really hot pepper while watching this...... uhhh fuck you stamper

great flash animation wow i can't believe 20 years later ryu life became terrible and his happy life is over

datcrazyblackboy, age 30? It said 20 years later, what, you thought he was 10 at the beginning? He's got to be at least in his 40s afterwards then, presumably he was close to 30 to begin with so he's probably more like 50.

Oh egoraptor, no one beats you for facial expressions. I'll never forget Awesome Center Redux, the look on the guy's face when he says "cancer" in the few seconds before he said "ZOMBIE cancer!"

The one thing I don't like is how scrawny his upper arms are. He's got Popeye arms, big forearms, puny sticklike upper arms.

Poor Ryu :((

he got older lol age 30 sucks lol