Reviews for "Ryu: Then and Now"

Reality sucks...

Keep up the great work. funny faces and smooth animation


I like how you make people have weird faces.

Doesn't feel like you...

I know why it got rejected. Just as the rest of your animations, the voice acting quality is great, and also the art/animation, but the problem is the humor, it's just not the kind of humor that makes you so great.

You usually write stuff that's either clever or just random, and most of the time it works and it's funny, but the problem with this one is that it's very predictable. I just had to read the title to know what was gonna happen.

And the other thing, the very detailed wrinkled face at the end is almost like a "signature" joke, something that is very common on your flashes, and it's good, because it makes the main joke funnier, but using it as the punchline for the whole flash is just...not a good idea, you're using a common joke as the main one, and you've never done that on any of your other flashes, it made me smile but that's it.

I know you just submitted this to "fill up" the space between submissions, but still, it just seems like you're stopping to care so much about the humor that made you so well known, almost like if you thought "oh well, until I finish my new flash, I'll submit this old one that got rejected, Newgrounds is going to frontpage and insta-five it anyways".

That's just my opinion, still, most of the flash is good, so I give you a 4/5 and 7/10. Hope whatever you make in the future is, well, nothing like this. I'm a big fan of your flashes and I don't want that to change.



So so...