Reviews for "Solar Strike"

work on it for a little bit...

Ok, the concept is great, but what you did with the concept isnt to good. The controls are just to akward, It sucks all the fun away. if you could improve the controls this could be a really cool game. but for now? not so much...


It's always a tragedy to see games like this that are so close to being great but with a few major issues holding them back.

The game looks great, I have no issues with the design, menu setup looks good, and the gameplay concept is good - but for me the game's engine just doesn't really hold up to it. It feels too choppy and more of a task than fun to get anywhere. There's a balancing act with stuff like this you have to take into account. If the aiming is shit and you know it, then don't make the game hard. Give the enemies less health so it's easier to get somewhere.

I had the same issues as most others with the cursor going off screen repeatedly, which was mainly due to the fact that it seems the cursor is above the crosshairs. Why not make them the same?

The firing seemed a bit odd as well...there were like two crosshairs and it was difficult to see where I was shooting exactly, but for the most part it was manageable.

For the most part it just seemed unmanageable. The aiming was odd and the gun I was given felt underpowered against the army of asteroids and ships that were attacking. I see where you were going with the gun overheating, but like I said before it's a balancing act between the game mechanics and the difficulty. If there's any issue with aiming or shooting, take the difficulty down a notch at the very least so the game feels manageable. I think if the enemy ships didn't have such a ridiculous amount of health that this would have been far more enjoyable for me.

My totally honest advice would be to beef up the gun a bit or reduce enemy health, and maybe take a look at the crosshair/aiming issue. I think with those two things tweaked, this game would be a real winner. Overall I just had an 'uncontrolled' feeling of the ship and that's why I didn't enjoy it as much. Hope this helps.


SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Flash can't control the position of the mouse so not much can be done about going off screen.
The cursor movement is relative to the change of mouse movement. Strapping the cursor to the mouse position very quickly highlights the reason I don't do that - you'd always have to drag the mouse around int he direction the ship is moving for it to stay still.

Never thought about the hp on enemeis actually. The insane hp on enemies feeling is probably a knockon effect from the bad aiming. You can actually hit them a lot earlier then you probably realise/are able to. I guess it's an alternate quickfix before completely fixing the aiming though!


nice game, but not so nice controls

I liked to play this at first. But when I started to evade more, and came close to the borders of the "room", Aiming was really hard, because the mousecursor suddenly had to be in a quite different position relatively to the ship, then while being in the center, to aim at the same position relatively to the ship. I only tried default controls (mouse aim/shoot + WASD), I don't know if other controls don't have this problem, but maybe you could work on that.


I took damage but stuff wasn't hitting me? Or maybe it was... dammit I can't tell, the depth perception is really crap in this game.

I do like the idea and the graphics but come on man.
It'd be nice to see:
-Ability to barrel roll (or an upgrade in game that gets you the ability to do that. Maybe there is, Idk I never got that far)
-Ability to Loop De Loop
-Better crosshairs... seriously!

i don't know

i found this game kinda pointless. it's just like an old arcade game.......