Reviews for "IR - Static Sound"

Brilliant return. I've listened to this countless times now.

Indigorain responds:

That's great to hear, thanks! <3 :D

About gersh dern time you uploaded another song :D
I really am curious as to how you get your bass chord progressions, I notice in most of your songs they usually sound like a melodic progression but I cant emulate that with success :(
Teach me oh wise one.

Indigorain responds:

My erperlergers for not uploading for so long, mate! :D
If you send me a pm, I'd be happy to explain a few things about my chord progressions ^^
Cheers! <3

the bird whisle "lead" fits so well into the song, I enjoyed every second of it, thanks for sharing. :)

Indigorain responds:

I'm glad you like it, thanks for the review! <3

Lovely tune. I like how catchy and intricate it is. The main theme was repeated many times but it was good enough that I didn't find the song repetitive.

The only obvious improvement I can think of is the ending. If it's just going to cut off suddenly... could you at least make it loop back to the front?

Indigorain responds:

True, the ending might be a bit too sudden. I kinda like it though, pretty straight forward.
Anyway, thanks a lot for the kind words! <3 :D