Reviews for "Jaws Fan Fiction"


ya there should of been a 8 year old voice, get a voice masker thing or talk like a girl

Falconer02 responds:

I was actually going to have one of my neighbor's little kids do it, but I wanted it to sound a bit more epic. Most hilarious fan-fics are done with a serious voice so I tilted on doing that instead. Glad you liked it tho!

Funny Pretty random ending xD.

Tis a fine fan fiction.

Ohe Boy...

Kids voices change fast these days eh?


Nice little tale. Cute. Woulda been better if the narrator was like, an eight year old voice. 8/10 4/5


I love the story, and art, but the narrator's voice didnt seem to fit in with the fact that this was made by an 8-year old.