Reviews for "Jaws Fan Fiction"


...I...don't think that really happened...


Funny. Probably got a A+ :3


Everything went better than expected!

Falconer02 responds:

Very realistic, right?

Nothing beats a Crayon animation!

Awesome fan work. The style is unique and awesome! Totally random ending made it awesome! The idea is awesome and same with the 8 year old mind of Jeff Schwerifeger.

In my opinion.,

I thought this was great. I can see how other NGers would suggest a different voice in the naration, but think about it like this: It's a man telling a story from his childhood? Or its a man living out a child-like fantasy. As a girl, I enjoyed hearing the man explain the childrens story... it was 'sentimental' for me.

Falconer02 responds:

Aww thanks a lot! Glad you liked that aspect. :-) Some people thought it should be a little kid doing it, but I prefer it to be more like a person reading it to kids-- all serious and such. Most narrations to fan-fic parodies are like that.