Reviews for "Jaws Fan Fiction"

hee hee

that short is SO messed up,compared to JAWS

Jaws Nearly Sank the ship...

Haha, this is awesome, this is a refreshing break from the usual cockjoke-mech-anime bullshit that gets 90% of front page.

Then they paddled their way home

LOl, that got me good. It was awesome for 2nd grade project

It got to the front page because;

it was clear and original. The animation was crisp/professional and the all round feel cute and fun. Voice acting was 10/10 too. The End.

Falconer02 responds:

Thank you! Really glad you liked it!


Because it has decent animation (Thanks to you) and was written by an 8 year old in a cute "kinda stupid but yet you understand what they're saying sort of way"... this gets the front page?


Falconer02 responds:

Next time I'll be totally original and make a mario-sonic-mecha-anime crossover just to please your tastes.