Reviews for "Traffic Command"

Never seen a game like this before.

This game was a lot of fun and is something I have not seen before. Just one suggestion, it would be a bit easier to control things if the stop lights were a bit bigger. As it is changing all your lights quickly is a bit difficult. Other than that the game is solid.

would be faster using a keyboard

art and everything else is fine. but might be easier using the keyboard then clicking with them mouse all the time.

By the way, don't you have a road rage mode? That would be funny to have in a game such as this...

Nice, but

It bugs sometimes and cars crash theyselves, anyway its FUNNY AND AWESOME!

can be improved

the art and music are good, but for example. i couldnt get past lvl 2 because the cars take too much to get to the other side of the screen. would be better if the cars counted when they passed the light without crashing. instead of having to wait until they get to the end of the screen

A point off for artificial difficulty.

This would run -way- more smoothly if we had hotkeys for the lights we're supposed to control. Working with inefficient controls may have been your idea of a challenge, but it's the worst kind of challenge and a frustrating element in an otherwise very slick game.

A special nod for your art, though. Beautiful sprite work.