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Reviews for "the fight"

I love the funky synths and beat. There's an excellent mood here - the perfect combination of cute and creepy! :D The groovy melodies and soaring arpeggios remind me a lot of "Inside the Machine" and "Substructure." I love the structure, and the your transitions are definitely improving, Johnfn! ;) The reverb on those synths really adds a lot to the atmosphere. It had a lot of energy, let also bliss at some parts. I love the dynamic contrast which occurs within small phrases: 3:14-3:20, for example. I'm not sure how you did the effects that comes in at 2:25, 3:26, and 3:32, among other places, but they sounded awesome. The mixing is, as expected, excellent. The ending was a little bland, though - it might even make a good loop if you took it in that direction. Overall, though, it's simply another fantastic piece. Remember when you mentioned to me that you think when an artist is able to realize all the flaws in his piece before he uploads them, he should start making albums? Well, I think YOU have reached that stage Johnfn, and I'm so impressed with your musicality and your skill with (Ableton? Or...Logic?). It's been such an inspiring experience watching how the NGADM has bettered you as an artist, Johnfn, but you were, of course, an excellent artist to begin with. Keep up the great work! :D

johnfn responds:

Thank you Andrew! I have really come to appreciate your block of text reviews - they keep me sane when I'm doubting every aspect of my music. I also really appreciate that you've listened to enough of my stuff to be able to draw trends. I occasionally can do this, but that outside validation means a lot. I feel like NGADM has allowed me to really up my game - I never could have pulled off things like this pre-NGADM.

I have actually slowly been starting to think about writing an album. NGADM has definitely made me able to think of songs as longer term projects, if need be. But I'm going to need to take a little time to break and listen to a wider variety of music.

I include you in the list of people that I'll buy a coffee for if you ever come out to San Francisco. Let me know if that ever happens :)

P.S. I use Ableton Live (though I think FL is perfectly capable, I only use it because I'm on osx and FL is a sad state of affairs on osx). The cool stuff at 2:25, 3:26, and 3:32 is due to a really cool vst called glitch by illformed. Version 2.0 is $60, but version 1.4 is nearly as good and free. http://illformed.org/plugins/