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Reviews for "the fight"

Wow that is some wicked sounding chiptunes very catchy

johnfn responds:

Thank you!

Your long hours put into this song really really shows. It truly is a flawless piece of art. I can't stop listening to it!!! reminds me of the good old days playing videogames when everything was 8bit. You have yet another fan to add to you fan base my friend. Keep up the astounding work.

5/5 & 5/5

johnfn responds:

I'm glad all that work paid off! Thanks for leaving a comment saying so :)

HOLY COW! You have a new fan here! O_O You're right up there with Reasoner, Waterflame, and SRock for me! Talk about getting me jammin'!!! Please don't ever stop making music. I make video games and animations for a living I might have to hit you up in the future for some music!

johnfn responds:

Thanks! Ha, I wouldn't say I'm quite on level with those guys, as they are really really good at what they do. Still though, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! Thanks for leaving the review.

congrats for getting attention! :)

johnfn responds:

Thanks! Apparently all it took was winning the NGADM. :P

the first half of this is actually kinda boring and drab (in terms of sound design and development, the melodies are p fresh tho). particularly hating on the drum sounds. if you have access to famitracker then you could've gone to town with DPCM-ing your samples instead of just bitcrushing them.generally when i hear those kinds of percs alongside chippy synths i feel like the artist was like "i want 8-bit drums but i don't really know what 8-bit drums sound like so i guess this will do!"

the second half is off the fucking chain though. literally cannot fault it. maybe more PWM on that lead would be cool, make it more SID-like? i dunno. good stuff!

johnfn responds:

Thanks a lot for dropping by. I have a lot of respect for your opinions, especially about drums since yours are pretty much always faultless.

I take your point about the authenticity of the drum samples. I was lazy and just tossed some redux on some drumbeat I had lying around. But I kinda wish I didn't have to worry about that stuff, you know? I wish the melodies could just speak for themselves. I've actually been thinking about moving towards more organic sounds for that reason. I'm sure there are a whole bunch of other issues involved with organic sounds too though... sigh.

Anyway, thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked it!