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Reviews for "the fight"


johnfn responds:

Thank you!

I really enjoyed the Jazz Fusion sound in this song! Very nice and mellow but still very moving!

johnfn responds:

JAZZ FUSION?!?!?! Are you sure we're listening to the same song?

I mean... thanks... I guess.. o_O... but you may be more interested in someone like Kor-Rune hahah

NGADM Review


Oh dear....this is ridiculously late! My apologies johnfn ol' chap. However, without further ado, here comes the review.

This track is all kinds of awesome, I absolutely love it! Everything from the 8bit instruments, to the outstanding glitching, to the varied percussion that keeps everything else anchored - this track just shines. The entire track is catchy, but I really enjoyed how you transitioned out of the break at 1:45 to 2:11 – where we then enter the highlight of the song. I can hear the effort that you put into this man, it really shows.

The only thing that sort of bothered me was the conclusion. It seems that the track was building up to this epic ending, packed full of glitchy 8bit synths and melodic structure, but it just fades out. Now, don't get me wrong...I think this works quite well, and it is certainly a nice way to wrap the song up in a clean way. However, I would have liked to hear a little more depth to the ending, perhaps everything culminating into a glitched chip explosion!

This was certainly a fantastic way to wrap up the NGADM, well done! I am looking forward to listening to your other work in the future! :)

Score: 9.75/10

P.S. This is like crazy alien music! ;)

johnfn responds:

I think you summarized the problem with the ending most clearly and you've managed to convince me that a more explosive ending would have added a lot. (Also, it might be that it's been a few weeks since I wrote the song, so I have a more objective view.) Still though I appreciate everything you've said.

Thank you for all the things you've done for NGADM. :)

P.S. Alien music is the best genre :D

Wow, this is some amazing work, I can't stop listening. This song sounds perfect for a video game.

johnfn responds:

Thanks :D

I love this! Great job!

johnfn responds:

Thank you!