Reviews for "Cat Astro Phi"

In love

Stylistic, true, nostalgic. It seems that nowadays people just mock the style by using it, but I've actually felt like I was playing a genuine game that's presentation is vital to the atmosphere for once. Shit.


Loved It!

awesome, totally reminds me of zelda

well, kinda like zelda meets asteroids meets halo + kitty cat!

amazing gameplay, good amount of humor, and it looks and feels like a classic gameboy (with a beefed up processor)

Only complaint: the gameboy color scheme, I've personally got vision problems that make it hard for me to see games like this :\ Perhaps put in an option for contrast? background color? Oh well, personal issue, so I won't detract it from your score of.. 10!

Be still, my heart

The sheer amount of nostalgia I'm feeling is beyond words. I'm about to go tear apart my parents house to try and find my old Gameboy.

Thanks so much for sharing this. It was fantastic!

PS, it's far too hard to trying to get through a level without any robots dying. When I thought I had it, an f'ing turret would kill one of them.


One of the few 8-bit homage games that actually felt like a real 8-bit game. Well done.