Reviews for "Cat Astro Phi"


I'm gonna NEUTER YOU! You hear me?! NEUTEEEEERRRR!!!

Awesome game

You had me with the GameBoy. Everything in this is great. Make a sequel!

The asteroids achievement is pretty tough, and I will have to play through again for a few of the achievements (like the speed run). Do the asteroid sequences affect the time for the speed run? Or is it only in the 3 levels? Does it include the intro scene where you walk to the cock pit?

Also, I was looking through the source code and I could not find any info on the secret medal. Did you forget to add it? checkAchievement11() and an 11th medal name string doesn't exist. IT'S TOO SECRET! Can we please receive a hint? Thanks in advance.

Also, have you considered allowing people to download this or play it elsewhere with the cheatMode enabled? Or perhaps allowing it once all medals have been acquired?

*************SPOILERS START*************
You can blow open doors with bombs to save keys. The walls and acid on Planet 2 can be destroyed. The walls on Planet 3 cannot; but the empty space (like acid) can.

Weapons will override the one you have. If you collect the shotgun before the the submachine gun, make sure you kill any sentries before collecting the submachine gun (this could be a potential problem on Planet 3); luckily sentry guns are optional.

For fun:
The boss can say the following things:
Eat my peas!
Puny human
That barely tickled
Eat Lazer Death
Rather be playing Tetris
Stand still and die
Bite my bolts!
You shooting blanks?
How many lives??!

*************SPOILERS END*************

PhotonStorm responds:

You can press S to skip the asteroids part, so that will help keep the speed run time down. I increased the time limit to 20 mins (I can do it in 15, but from our stats no-one else can!).

Medal 11 is definitely in there. I knew people would look at the source so I left that function empty. It's actually very easy to get. Just don't be too hasty about quitting the end scroller.

If people really want a version hosted with cheats enabled (and no medals) then I'm happy to do that!

Nostalgia Trip

Brings me back to happier, headier days, when the Game Boy was the height of entertainment technology and I thought George Bush was the name of a rare tree.

Simply Stunning

I love the old school vibe of the game. I can really tell you put a lot of effort into it as well. It's brimming with creativity and style. Great work!

Looking forward to more.

Seriously, Lazy wants to see more of this great game.

I'm a fan of the old school, and I use to own an original Gameboy. So, this game is pretty much a harken back to the awesome of back when things were simpler and stuff. Anyone here play games like Gradius IV, with a tiny spacecraft power-ups against EVERYTHING? This actually reminds me of that. The premise of the game and the comments going all throughout it are funny as hell too. So, it's like the front page said: "You need to experience this."