Reviews for "Cat Astro Phi"

this is the first game i've rated a 10

i love this game and everything about it. please tell me what program was used for creating the music to it. thats for inspiring me on so many levels.

What you can want from a game?

-alien worms
-more laserguns
-retro feel
-blowing stuff up
-blowing more stuff up
-hacking minigame
-overdose of Alien(s) quotes...
...too long to list. I think it only lacks secret ending when main character is shown in bikini :P


like a meal with chips and rice. everything i want from a game except platforms. thankyou very much.


I really liked it! Love the retroness of it love the artwork, music and characters. Also lovin the alien reference ;)

I have mixed feelings

Well first of all the game is kind of fun and I could imagine that if this game had actually existed at the time of the game boy it might have been a hit. The problem is that I've never seen a game boy game that had cussing in it, heck you hardly see Nintendo games that has cussing. And I know "it's a photon" which is why I'm making it an 8.