Reviews for "Cat Astro Phi"

Its all fun and games until you can't find any virtual triple-A batteries for your dead virtual Gameboy.

Super fun!

Totally enjoyed the time i spent playing this game. Love the old school graphics and music. And the fact your looking for your cat totally helps its case. I also like that there weren't any lives to deal with. If there were, i would have quit in about 5 minutes. All in all, a pretty good game c:

Ahhh...the old Game Boy!!!!

I enjoyed that...like a small trip down memory lane ;)


if u click the on off button on top of the tv it will show something game kinda sucks no offense

It was okay

This game was pretty good, I will give you that, but two things dented this game for me:
1. The fact that when I trapped myself with no way out, I would have to restart the game to play again....
2. It got repetitive, as in the goal was to get a bomb and blow things up to make passages, so I would use a bomb or two, go die, use another few, go die, etc...

Other than that, pretty good game.