Reviews for "Cat Astro Phi"

that was pretty sweet :3

that was fun, brought back some nostalgia. love game boy zelda. nice job!!

Excellent Game, very fun.

I only wish the game was longer.

pretty good

Cool skin/frame,although it could use a little work,but fairly good overall. So keep up the good work!


Excellent game but I can not defeat the final boss! Any hints or tips?

PhotonStorm responds:

Shoot him. Lots.

Limitations really did promote your creativity!

Loved this game! The ending was great xD He really should have fixed that chair.

Oh, and MoStExCeLlEnT-1.... your complaint is totally invalid. If you lack the skill to input a code quickly enough, then that is the fault of the player, not the developer. Obviously plenty of people have no trouble inputting the codes. Stop blaming your faults on other people. I hate game developers that make things too easy to accommodate unskilled players.