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Reviews for "Cat Astro Phi"


The game freezes if you pause while using a lazer wall override. Please fix this if possible.

PhotonStorm responds:

Well spotted. This is fixed in the new version (should be up soon)

Recreation of the game boy experiece

First I will say this is a great game, and an almost faithful recreation of the game boy experience (see complaint 1).
I do have some complaints and recommendations however,
1. You broke away from the game boy interface during laser wall deactivations, I suggest having the button press scheme being the 4 directions and the keyboard equivalent of A and B.
2. The menu, the fact that it is only controlable by the mouse starts to break the game boy spell before it even starts. I sugest adding the option to use the keys to control the menu, but keep mouse suport for those who haven't tuned into the game boy spell ... yet.
3. Can you add a death count at the end of the game please or add the option of limited lives, it would be nice to know.

I like the fact that you added a bit about the game and what you was trying to achieve with it during the credits. The maps where well detailed and everything was well drawn, considering the style restraints you had set.
As I said before I like the game, Keep up the good work.


..or: nice!
Liked the old school style, as well as your sokoban reference! :)
More levels! more story, more bosses, more equipment and I'd give it 12 out of ten.

Piss poor

i mean dude great storyline but cmon the gameboy thing god thats dumb and the graphics were terrible srry dude but this is terrible!!!


I applaud you for quite accurately emulating the feel of an old school GameBoy game. However, it was a bit boring. Not enough to capture my attention for more than a few minutes. The front page has been lacking lately.