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Reviews for "Cat Astro Phi"


Somehow i managed to get a lazer deactivator stuck on screen. ruined my game experiance.

A real throwback!

This game is an amazing throwback to the olden days of handheld gaming!

Ph Auhnt Astik!

Thought I'd make a lame-awesome title, too.

I wish you were able to make this game on the DS, maybe make it a little long. have some lives, etc.

Concept of the game is pretty amazing, the ending is a little sad. I wish Jonesy didn't take off with the ship. :C

I loved the old feel to it, I haven't played a Gameboy game in forever, so this was a treat. I think this character will live on in my mind for a long time. If only it were more popular.

Loads of replay value, btw.

Lots of ideas, you've just given me.

Gg. c:


This is very impressive for a flash game. The level design is nice. Soundtrack is equally amazing. And the story is catastic!!!

cant wait to see more games!!!

bringin back the old days

love it.. makes me wanna dig my original game boy out and start A + B bashing again...... good effort dude,

and Predateure dude this is not the colour game boy skin or colour game boy game they are both the originals, which is probably why the game is in the style of the original.