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Reviews for "The Pop Tart Hero"


You like to much initial D thumbs up!!


XD YUS!!! Btw, what was the name of that song?

not bad

The vid was a bit strange, but the music was cool.

great improvement in a short time

ur either a good animator rushing your work or a n00b making big steps

congrats, its somewhat monotonous but nice overall

Not bad, not bad at all!

I'd have given this about a 4 normally, but with limited options (It's a pop tart, not much on limbs same with the toaster)
I have to raise it to an 7, because with such limited options, you manage to do a pretty good job, I don't give it a 10 because you severely reused the same pieces many times, though I understand that with the characters, it'll almost definitely come to that.
It was also affected because you kinda just cut the song off and said the end with no definite victor... That lowered it a point. It just didn't quite feel like one of those dramatic ends where they don't show the winner.