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Reviews for "The Debugger"

original indeed

but that many bugs that just gross me out lol XD!


but not challenging.


Great game, the graphics are really detailed and i love the variety of weapons. The only problem i have is that the game isn't challenging at all. A time limit would be a good addition i think

I love it

I don't know where to begin with how much I like this game.
I love the music, the background, the sound effects, the atmosphere. I like that there is no timer or anything like that. If one was to be added, I'd suggest leaving a free play option. Same with the random weapons. I liked that. Sure it would be neat to be able to cycle through, but I thought it was fun not knowing what you were going to get next rather then just sticking to what you felt was going to be more powerful. I probably would have just stuck with the bug spray and let myself get tons of Multi-kills. But not knowing if it was going to be lightening or a coffee mug made it interesting.
I guess I'm saying is if you DO add features people suggested, don't take away freeplay and random.
I noticed some people mentioned problems trying to play. I didn't run into any myself.

Needs some work

As others have mentioned, there are a few bugs (no pun intended) that hinder the gameplay. Often I can kill multiple bugs, but the counter never goes down. The core of the gameplay needs to be expanded as well. Why are the weapons random? If we unlock a new weapon, we should be able to pick whichever one we want on the fly (no pun intended). Add a hotkey system where if you press F1 you switch to the Swatter, F2 for the rock, F3 for the Coffee Cup, etc., etc. Also, add some sort of timer to the levels. The fun dies quickly when the only thing to do is smash bugs over and over again. Players need some form of challenge added to the gameplay, so a 1 min or higher timer would be essential. The concept is good, the artwork and animations are great, and the music adds a distinct ambiance that works well. Just expand a little more on the gameplay and you're looking at a great game.