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Reviews for "The Debugger"

Once the brown recluse/daddy longleg spiders showed up, i had to quit playing. Things got too real and I wimped out. That being said, the movements and reactions the bugs have to something hitting the ground were very realistic and i really liked the game. shame i will never be able to play it to the end.

loved almost all weapons,
best kill: 5 overlapping centipedes/worms/caterpillar etc all crushed with one anvil

I could have sworn this game was made by FlyAnvil. Whoever made it, it's a very enjoyable game. I like how you never know what kind of weapon you're going to use. Granted, that's probably because I'm not playing the game properly, but it's still cool. I like how it's something that everyone can associate themselves with. Not everyone can associate themselves with fighting zombies or really no one can.

The omnious music made it sound pretty cool too. I like how there's this one worm thing that counts for more insects when you kill it. I was thinking the level would end when all the bugs on screen would die. There's still some left over. At least you always have a chance to kill them!

everything but the kitchen sink

games good time waster... got guns knives, beer mugs for weapons.. good job.


I actually have no life at all I spent like 2 hours playing this game.. strangley addictive.

Would be nice to be able to choose your weapon but hey still a great game bny the time I'd fiished

I'd killed 4222 bugs
which in money is $365725

Most used weapon was the spray at 780 xD