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Reviews for "Tiny Hawk"


Excellent idea for a game. This is like a breath of fresh air to the platformer games. The graphics look good. The music is very good and fits well to the game. Overall maybe bit on the easy side but there were some challenging levels and trying to beat the times does add more challenge but on my first run by I was more interested in completing the levels. I enjoyed this game very much. Good job.

So addictive !

I can't stop playing this game ! My challenge is to have the #1 time on the scoreboard on all the levels... And that never happened to me to be addicted like this with a simple flash game ! Because of all the strategies to improve our time, that became an drug... So, thanks for this game, and, please, if you make a sequel, keep this time-scoring system !

(Sorry for the english mistakes, that's not my natural language ^^')

perfect little game

1. Balanced level difficulty and challenge of different time ratings
2. Level design
3. Smoothness
4. Controls
5. Great game speed for a game so dependent on timing
6. Music
7. I loved the title
8. The online leaderboard system works perfectly (I'm on it!)
9. Replay value
10. Simplicity and simple fun value

1. Nitpicking really, but I think that the accelerating arrows were the most fun element and could have been introduced earlier

1. It's a shame that this game hasn't received more reviews.

Simple, challenging, entertaining, and extremely addictive!! YOU CANT STOP ONCE YOU START :D
Fantastic idea, good choice of obstacles & challenges, and I like the choice of music! ^_^
Great job!!

Fun and stylish!