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Reviews for "Tiny Hawk"

So addictive !

I can't stop playing this game ! My challenge is to have the #1 time on the scoreboard on all the levels... And that never happened to me to be addicted like this with a simple flash game ! Because of all the strategies to improve our time, that became an drug... So, thanks for this game, and, please, if you make a sequel, keep this time-scoring system !

(Sorry for the english mistakes, that's not my natural language ^^')

Fun Little Gem

I got bored with it after awhile, but I give kudos for pixelated goodness and originality :)


it kept glitchin on me

pekuja responds:

Could you elaborate on how Tiny Hawk was glitching on you? I'd like to get the bugs fixed.

Thanks for the nostalgia!

As a kid who grew up on the Tony Hawk series, I absolutely love this for the nostalgia factor alone. But it's also quite a good little platformer too. My only gripe is that the momentum can be a bit much, but once you get going, everything flows really well. Awesome job!

(also, the sound effects remind me of those little finger skateboards that I grew up with as well. :-)

worth the time

Sound : 8/10 it is very fitting and I liked the atmosphere it created, but there could have been more tracks.
Graphics : 7/10 no graphic bugs, smooth throughout the game, the background could have been more interesting.
Gameplay : 8/10 it is nice, for a break. not very hard, though. the controls were simple and worked well. there could have been more options for riding the skateboard ;)

Overall : enjoyed playing, was definitly worth the time :)