Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"


Very well thought out and good increase in difficulty as you progress through the levels. Keep up the good work and I look forward to more high quality submissions from you in the future.

Good mix.

Demanding both tactical thinking and a degree of coordination, while still maintaining a simple interface.
Fucking loved it.

need a part 2

like this game...as for the last level...ignore the black one and simply go after the 2 enemy's...

Amazing Game

Like everyone else said. the only level i had trouble with was 17 but that's just because I had to use me laptop. But I beat it.

Great game

I admit this game was a bit of a challenge but not impossible at all. The only levels I had some difficulty with were 17 and 18.

It took me a bit to figure out how to stretch the tentacle across that huge gap in Level 17, but once I understood the basic theory it was pretty simple.

Level 18 was hard because I didn't realize I could get two tentacles over the wall at first.

Level 19 is probably the craziest one of them all, but the key is to out power your enemies. They have more cells than you, so you need to make the ones you have BIGGER right away (the first one being the lower right). Another hint, a good strategy is knowing when NOT to attack. Use your original cell as a diversion and focus on defense and upping your energy output.

Overall this was a great strategy game and very tactical at times.