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Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"

What a great way to kill time!

This game takes some strategy and isn't too easy, entertaining! Would love to see this in the Apple App Store so I can play this game on the iPod/iPad!

Amazing Game

Like everyone else said. the only level i had trouble with was 17 but that's just because I had to use me laptop. But I beat it.

Controls and Mechanics

Since some people are having a bit of trouble with this, I thought I might put some help :P

Controls - Click on a green microbe and drag towards another microbe. Green microbes belong to you. Red and black microbes are enemies, and grey microbes are neutral. Release on the enemy or neutral microbe to send a tentacle towards it.


The tentacle will send, what will be referred to as, particles to the other microbe. If the microbe contains less than 5 particles, no particles will be sent. The more powerful the microbe, the faster it sends particles. The microbes also slowly gain particles, which is sped up, for more powerful microbes. There are 5 different levels of microbe.

1) Spore. This is the most basic microbe. At 15 particles, it evolves into a Embryo. One tentacle max.

2) Embryo. This is the second most basic microbe. At 5 particles, it devolves into a Spore, and at 40 particles it evolves into a Pulsar-A. 2 Tentacles max.

3) Pulsar-A. This is the 4th most powerful microbe. At 30 particles it devolves into an Embryo, and at 80 particles, it evolves into a Pulsar-B. 2 Tentacles max.

4) Pulsar-B. This is the 3rd most powerful microbe. At 60 particles it devolves into Pulsar-A, and at 120 particles, it evolves into an Ant. 2 Tentacles max.

5) Ant. This is the second most powerful microbe. At 100 it devolves into Pulsar-B, and at 160 it evolves into a Predator. 3 Tentacles max.

6) Predator. This is the most powerful microbe. At 140 it devolves into an Ant. 3 Tentacles max.

If you have made a fully connected tentacle, you can cut it, at any point. The particles on either side of where the split occurred, will go towards the connected microbe. By doing this, you can fill a microbe quickly.

Everything some1 wants...

This is simply great, its original, entertaining, challenging, fun, frustrating, etc ....... in less words, just perfect