Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"

Wayyyy toooo short!

It whet my appetite. How could I get more?? =)

Just some thoughts:
1) A more descriptive tutorial.
I had to watch the walkthrough for a second to figure out I needed to drag to the cell and not just the length of the arrow in level 1. I had no idea what the arrow meant, and that cutting instantly moves the cut tentacle as power over, etc. --awkward.
In general, it just took me a while to figure out the basic mechanics of attacking/defending to make different strategies. I still haven't figured out some things since that would require me to compare the rates power ticks up given different sizes/power and # of tentacles attached/deployed.

Figuring things out on my own may have been part of what was so fun. But it may also be a reason why it felt so short. By the time I figured most of it out, I only had a few levels to learn the mechanics and optimal strategies, and a few levels to really apply them. Then I was done. I had to go back and play half the levels again.

2) Does having multiple tentacles split the power being sent? It doesn't look like it.. So it is in my advantage to throw out as many as you can to make myself bigger. But why doesn't the AI do it too? Self-handicap? Or just to make more intricate puzzles possible?

3) Why is there no advantage to having no tentacles? I guess this stops things from being out of hand.

4) Multiplayer. I would love to play this against someone.

5) And also, as of writing, I cannot get the 9th medal still...
Or is it the 7th level, since the medal's description is "try walking in their shoes"?? Infact, most of the descriptions don't line up....

fun game.

awesom, dynamics, nice visuals, and great music/sound...
i find it challenging, very fun!
that's all :D

Great game!

Beat it! Took a good solid effort but I got it, was hung up longest on level 18 just because it takes awhile even when you do it correctly, so after a little bit of trial and error it was cake. lol at the noobs who can't get past level 10, just go for the medium sized microbe first, after that it's easy. I got it first try I don't understand how people are finding that difficult to figure out. Wish there were more levels, larger microbes etc. Super awesome!

I want more!!!

I'd would pay for larger version of this, with a few more game mechanics.

Also a level editor/creator would keep the game alive through endless user created content.

10/10 because of how eagerly I am awaiting a sequel.


I'm stuck on level 19, this is a wonderful game though you should be proud