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Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"

Directions please

An interesting concept but I got no idea how to play. how do I work this? please respond

Sorry, wrong account!

That JordanD review was actually mine, wrong account :D
Great game! :D

Now if only the medals worked

Not going to mark you down for the game failing to give me any medals what so ever (will screenshot if needed) as aside from that it's brilliant

Here is some advice though
1) Do something about the last zone, it's piss easy as they overstretch themselves in to oblivion)
2) Tweak zone 18, with hardly any effort I can move one of the things far enough to avoid the wall

For requests I would say more levels

Seriously cool!

This game rocks!! i like the way you play, the way it looks and i like the speed of the game. not to fast not to slow. the level i had the most trouble with was level 19. and level 20 just rocked. tentacles everywhere.

P.S. I like the way all the medals forms ONE picture. nice

good god

onetoo....plz tell me you didnt just write that