Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"


I'm addicted, victory in a hard level tastes SO sweet!

Make a sequel!

Loved it

I loved this game, it took a while to learn a few of the tricks, and I had to consult the guide on a few, such as level 17, but despite a randomly steep learning curve, this game was soo much fun! I hope to see more levels appear on newgrounds in the future!

great game but it doesn't work on safari

You should fix a bug that makes the entire page stuck while on safari browser.

Yeah! great game

I'ts simple but very addictive, you've done a great work! Moke more games like this please ^^

Using achivements ever is a great strategy for addict, lol


all these people need to stop whining. I've payed this and beat it like, 4 days in a row.