Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"

Fun, but lacking

It was fun, solidly made, and overall fairly well done. But There are several problems that diminish the real enjoyment level of the experience.

The trick level, which has been commented on profusely, is completely unintuitive, as if you have not been shown the technique, you are highly unlikely to figure out how to do it. If using the trick made it easy, it would be one thing, but the trick is still difficult to pull off, and only works if you do it PERFECTLY, which means that if you were using trial and error to try to win, you might think up the trick plenty of times, but still fail and think yourself wrong.

Another problem would be that the game really doesn't last long. I got through it in about 20 minutes, not really trying that hard.

On the note of difficulty, though, i found it strange that early levels required a great deal more work than later ones. Later levels did indeed involve multitudes of enemies and cells, but number does not equal difficulty, as once you have more cells than the other teams, you essentially spend the remainder of time just waiting to win.

It's a good game, but it needs to be made slightly more clear what is needed on that one particular level, and as a general note, the scaling of difficulty is way off. I had more trouble on the earliest levels than i did in the entire second half of the game.


I'd like to see a sequel! more levels next time maybe??

Awesome game

I played through the whole game, had to try some different strategies for a few of the leveles. The last wall one gave me a bit of trouble, but I managed it anyway. Loved the quote at the end.

Was alright

But how do you expect us to do a trick without us knowing, and i hated the ending levels

Started out great

But ended poorly.

It became more of a "Pump this cell full of steroids until it becomes the incredible hulk" kinda game.

I've given it a 4/5 starts in the vote, but I'm giving it a 6 out of 10 here.

Think of the laptop users next time >_<