Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"

Number 9 is hard to beat, so, you must really good at this to beat number 9, Inquisitorical-Lad.

Good game.

I'm usually VERY good at these games, but it seems number 10 is impossible. I've tried virtually everything, but it overpowers me pretty fast.

Going for the big "Huge Lifeform" is too slow and you'll get overpowered.
Getting the unoccupied spore closest to you is a must for any sound strategy
The unoccupied furthest away is taken by red before you're big enough to reach it. If you try to take this one after the one close to you, red will reinforce so its 2v2, a stalemate, where he has larger spores since he started with 3x20 and you start with 1x10. While he has you in a stalemate he is also taking over the Huge Lifeform.

Too much detail I know, but I've tried completing this for close to 30 mins.

I've seen enough hentai...

Time to get the awards now that the game is fixed if i completed it once i can do it twice

Best game!!!!