Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"

medals wont work for me

but apart from that its great.

Anyone else having that problem or is it just me?


oh man i'd was 3 more hours happily

6 Ants in lvl 16

very addicting game bwuahahaha...!!

Awesome enhancement

After games like phage wars there is actually another game of that type really bringing new stuff into the genre, and that on a high quality level, and that right her in front of me. The strategic elements aren't even to be compared with all the other phage games, as this game really does the job alot better, it really requires thinking how to manage some levels. The only thing you could and should include (on a second part probably) is an upgrade system, something like in phage wars 2. Just obviously without copying but rather with your own style, still for the first part an awesome game that rightfully deserves the 10.

"great game"

the game is great. it really tests a persons tactic making skills.

For some reason thou, it still wont give me the 9th medal, please help.