Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"


One of the most coolest game I played here. :)

Very Satisfactory!

Not original but a great game. It is easy at first but then you REALLY have to try to win. Again great game keep it up!

OMFG watch the walkthrough!

dude you play a few levels as a kick ass killing machine,

but later man omfg it gets so technical!

the walkthrough is funny ass shit to watch just cause its an epic tentecle battle.

best game ever!

it was good

not sure about you people but once i hit mission 9 it got a bit hard once i beat 9 i couldnt beat 10 i went to use a walk through but even that didnt work because it didnt play the same not sure if it glitched or something but the 10th mission is impossible for me

9/10 for an original and entertaining success.

I'm not the first to say it and I won't be the last to think it: This game is awesome.
A truly original idea (as far as I've played) with an interesting concept and quality art-style to back it up.
5/5 stars for engaging game play that was genuinely fun and continued to evolve.
3/3 stars for graphics that not only felt appropriate to the game, but were aesthetically pleasing
1/2 stars for good sound effects and mediocre music. Although I personally liked the music, it didn't have much of a presence. Felt more appropriate to a chill-out puzzle game than what I played as a micro-war game.

All in all, a must-play for any fans of flash gaming.
Highly recommended.