Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"

Good mix.

Demanding both tactical thinking and a degree of coordination, while still maintaining a simple interface.
Fucking loved it.


Great game! Must be a second part with more leves! :D


Really original, and a great game. The only thing I didn't like is that it was only 20 lvls. So... more? :D

Yeah! great game

I'ts simple but very addictive, you've done a great work! Moke more games like this please ^^

Using achivements ever is a great strategy for addict, lol


i thought: lol i looks alirght, but then i saw it, its just a plain copy from another game with just the same gameplay, only this game is way to slow paced, you cant use 2 "bases" to attack, you must go from base to base, its is still very fun but i woudlnt advise it to you guys, sorry.