Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"


That is one tricky, intens and hard game. It starts of good and get's harder and harder. But you Want to make it. You Need to make it. I can't tell you how angyr i was in some lvl, but You beat your butt i did beat it!

epic game... Just Epic


this is a really great game, it will make you think of what to do and when and at people who cant do lvl 10 your fucking retarded its pretty easy


Great display of influence and teamwork.

You guys are fucking stupid.

Level 10 is not impossible, broken, or anything. It's your own stupidity that's fucking you over. It fucking pisses me off how you guys are so fucking stupid you can't even figure out how to play the game right.

You cut the very top of the tentacles to get the most power. Dumbasses.

Idiotic and frustrating

The first few levels are fun, but once you reach level 10, it simply becomes idiotic and frustrating, and nearly impossible. After closely watching the walkthrough and mimicking the moves, it worked nowhere near as it did in the video, making me lose no matter which tactic I attempted. Please learn how to make a challenging game instead of a frustrating one, thank you.