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Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"

The level with the Ant is impossible. In the walkthrough the first spore captures the second spore instantly, but I don't seem to capture it instantly, then I lose. It is just basically IMPOSSIBLE.
Other than that, pretty good

All medals unlock except for "Level 02: Team: step back then protect front line." Which is actually level 4. I redid both levels 2 and 4, but without success. I also tried refreshing and restarting the game, etc. I'm assuming that completing the level is enough to unlock it, so it's probably just broken right now. Could you please fix it or explain what, if anything, I'm doing wrong?

At first, most players might think that this is hard.
But, once you get used to the game, it's actually easy.
Its originality makes it even more interesting play.

Nice game! Hoping too see some newer Versions of this soon :3

Very fun, very interesting game. Worth playing!