Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"


But what is with the difficulty curve at level 10?

rather cool

this game was fun. once you learn to cut the tentacle in the right place the game became much easier. it was easy to learn how to play and gave quite a challange.

I like...

This is a very good game i have beaten it before and i came back to beat it again...however this game is very similar to phage wars 2... and frankly, i think phage wars is better with the upgrade system and whatnot. its just after playing phage wars, this game feels a little repetitive. oh well. great game! and i dont know why everyone is saying level 10 is so hard... you just go for the smaller neutral microbes without letting red take over the big one and whammo, you win

Fun for a while

But then gets a little stupid hard around level 10. Very creative and different, but a little less steep of a difficulty curve would have made this much more enjoyable :)

Great job just the same!


Thats what your gonna call it?