Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"


same play style as civil wars...I LIKE IT!!! =)) simple but requires thinking

I am disappoint

There was no Cthulu and no Japanese hentai porn.

It was only another boring base conquering with numbers game, except you have additional tactics involved with tentacles having to grow over, adding a new subtle, yet noticeable twist to the game making it familiar, yet still unique. It could have had better music and maybe a few other icings on top, but that doesn't really count towards gameplay, which is already solid with those games.

Also, lacks Cthulu and/or Japanese hentai porn. I totally ain't kidding.

Very Good!

I found it awesome... not too hard too understand, good graphics etc.


I played the first 17 levels, and I can say 2 things: It's too easy and the level 17 is imposible xD

Directions please

An interesting concept but I got no idea how to play. how do I work this? please respond