Reviews for "Tentacle Wars"


An interesting twist on the old-fashioned concept. Great job!

fun game

it does have a familiar touch to another game but added a new thing to make it a lil better but it still is fun and does take a small amount of thought to get through a few of the levels

"Interesting and entertaining"

I like when people in newgrounds make differents things from those were used to watch and play, yours is one of those, with a nice execution, a great idea, and original playability. The music wasnt that great and maybe different bgm´s would have been great but even with one theme I didnt feel annoyed by the music (Which is the common case in most games with one bgm), I like games that are difficult because clearing the game makes you feel it was worth your time, and yours was worth it .

So 5/10 for you. Keep it up and thanks for taking your time developing this game.

Sorry, wrong account!

That JordanD review was actually mine, wrong account :D
Great game! :D

I did like it, a lot!

A game that keeps me playing until I finish it is a good game in my book, it was on the easy side but still very cool. Great job!